I had the pleasure to adopt a seal point ragdoll from Ryan Fuller. I was previously nervous at first from all these negative reviews that are plastered on this site but took the leap of faith and purchased a beautiful kitten from him.

I kept a strict eye on him to ensure that he does not have FIP (some cat breeders sell cats with FIP and are not aware of it. Currently, there is no way to detect it. The cat would have to grow old enough for the symptoms to show). The cat is over a year old now, and has no health conditions that the other reviewers experienced with their cats.

He is fluffy, slightly on the heavy side and loves to play. Shy around strangers but the pros outweigh the cons. Mine came with a health guarantee and I paid full price so I do not know if there is a relationship to his health. Whether Ryan is rude, mean or what not is not important to me as long as the cat is healthy, adorable and softens our mood from a long day.

I did not experience any issues with the owner transporting the cat to me, and he is very thorough about cat care if you ask. Overall, I had a good experience.

I simply decided to chime in from the unfair negative reviews being thrown at the cat breeder, and I am not in any way pressurized to write this review. If in doubt, always schedule a visit with him, and if he refuses, save your money and go elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: I Want A Ragdoll Ragdoll Cat.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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